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    Make-Run I/O Code for Linux Image


      Hello everybody.


      I have a question and do not know how to approach it.


      I'm running on Intel Galileo gen1 an sd-image of Linux customized, so I communicate with it with ssh (Putty), specifically this:

      xbolshe/galileo-custom-images · GitHub


      What I want is to schedule programs that work, for examplo, with the ports of input/output as it is programmed in Arduino IDE software:

      like these:

      Galileo Experiment Guide - learn.sparkfun.com


      I know I can program directly with Linux commands and run .sh files, but that for commands that take into account the output ports and do not know how. For example, in Arduino IDE software program, save the program with a special extension and run Galileo through ssh as # vi test.sh


      Can you recommend what I can do. What are my options?

      Can you recommend manuals on programming that involves, for example, ports of entry and departure from the linux console ssh?

      Ps: Some manual Galileo program from the Arduino software?


      I hope you can help me.

      Thank you very much in advance.