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    NUC DN2820FYKH SATA driver?


      Hi all,


      My first post here on the Intel forums. Unfortunately I'm in need of some help. Could someone please direct me to the SATA driver for the NUC DN2820FYKH please?


      I couldn't see it on the driver download page. In fact that page seems somewhat incomplete. I only managed to get the correct ethernet driver by using the Intel automatic driver update utility. And the filter seems broken - still showing Widows 8/10 only drivers for some devices despite selecting Windows 7 in the filter.


      I'm getting a lot of hassle getting this NUC up and running. I have updated the BIOS before I started to the latest available:

      Shipped: FYBYT10H.86A.0034.2014.0513.1413

      Latest:    FYBYT10H.86A.0051.2015.0624.1406

      Some drivers downloaded from the page mentioned earlier appear unsigned. A freshly installed copy of Windows seems to be having trouble installing updates. It sat there for 3 hours earlier and didn't budge from 0% progress.


      RAM is 4GB Kingston 1.35V PC3L-12800. Drive is a Kingston SSDnow V300 with firmware 603ABBF0 (latest).

      Not been impressed with this NUC so far. Seems a somewhat unpolished product. Not what I'd expect from Intel.



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          There is no SATA driver to be downloaded. The standard Windows SATA driver is utilized. In order to have this driver configured for best performance, you should install the Chipset software package. For the most part, this package doesn't install drivers either; it is simply configuring the standard Windows drivers for best performance. For convenience, here is a direct link to the download page for the current Chipset software package: Download Chipset: Intel® Chipset Device Software for Intel® NUC.


          The ethernet driver is most certainly there. Just check for an entry beginning with "LAN". For convenience, here is a direct link to the download page for the current version of the LAN driver package: Download LAN: Realtek* LAN driver for Intel® NUC.


          On lower-end processors, I have seen the Windows Update progress bar not update at all, yet the updates are downloaded and installed (it just takes a long time)...


          Hope this helps,


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            Hi Scott,


            Thanks for your reply. I hear what you say and I can see the standard driver from 2006 is in use, but have always found the specific SATA controller driver to yield better performance than the generic standard Windows driver for pretty much every SATA controller I've come across over the years. Hence my original question.


            I did see the LAN driver you mention, but if you look closely, it says it's for Windows 10 only so I didn't even bother trying to install it on Windows 7.


            As for the Windows Update, it sat here for another 3 hours installing 201 updates only to now start reverting them after the reboot.

            Not a happy bunny right now.



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              You are used to system designs with separate chipsets that provide the SATA interfaces. In those cases, the Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) driver does indeed improve performance - but, for the most part, it does it by enabling hardware features found in these chipsets. In the DN2820FYKH case, you are using a Celeron N2820 (or N2830) SOC (System-On-A-Chip). There is no separate chipset and there are no separate features to enable and the Intel RST driver does not support it.


              You are right, I sent you the link for the Windows 10 driver. Here is the link for the Windows 7 version: Download LAN: Realtek* LAN Driver for Intel® NUC.


              "Reverting" them? What was the error message you received?



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                The error message was "Failure configuring Windows updates. Reverting changes. Do not turn off your computer".


                I think this may be a faulty unit. I've got two and I just installed Windows onto the 2nd one and it's installed just fine. Seems a lot faster/snappier too. Also the first unit was making a new V7 Full HD monitor make strange squealing noises at 1920x1080 and I was thinking it was the monitor whereas the 2nd NUC's running it just fine.


                The only other difference is I haven't updated the BIOS on the 2nd unit yet. I left it at the shipped version. I may try and flash the 1st unit back to the older BIOS too (if it lets me) to see if it's a dodgy BIOS.



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                  Sorry to double post, but another problem I've noticed with both NUCs is that the drivers I've downloaded from the Intel site unzip and are recognised as signed by Intel correctly on my own desktop PC, but after unzipping them on both NUCs, they come up as unsigned - i.e. Publisher: Unknown. I haven't figured out why this is happening yet. I've tried two different USB sticks with the same result... Just wondering if the driver files are getting corrupted somehow.

                  I recall the last time this happened on a different machine it was down to an older version of the RST driver which is also why I asked my original question. But if no one else has seen similar problems then clearly there's something peculiar going on with what I've got. I'm not suspecting the SSD or RAM yet as I've used both extensively in numerous other builds and never faced a problem. I appreciate they're not on Intel's tested compatibility list, but I'd be somewhat horrified if they were somehow incompatible....

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                    Cesar Badilla

                    Hello KSB1972


                    Please try installing the LAN driver version 7077 for Intel® NUC products with the RealTek* Ethernet LAN controller.  and the latest Chipset drivers for the Intel® NUC DN2820FYKH


                    If issue persists only on the fist NUC please contact support for further troubleshooting steps http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/contactsupport



                    Caesar B.

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                      Hi Cesar,


                      OK. I ended up downloading the WiFi driver from the website, transferring it to the NUC using a USB stick to install it. And then updated the rest of the drivers using the Intel Automatic Driver Update utility. I never got to the bottom of why the downloaded drivers come up as Publisher: Unknown on both NUCs.


                      Turns out the monitor squealing happens on both NUCs as soon as the Intel graphics driver is installed. Without the driver, the standard display adapter driver is happy driving the display at 1920x1080 at 50Hz with no squealing. Think it may be related to the audio circuitry somehow - will test on my TV to see if it's just this monitor (a V7 L23600WHS). Basically, if I put the monitor volume control at 10% and the Windows volume slider at 100%, then it's usable for basic system sounds etc. without the squealing driving me nuts. With the Intel graphics driver installed, there's no way of keeping the monitor volume at 100% and using just the Windows volume control as the squealing noises would test the nerves of Superman even.


                      Also, I was only able to install Windows updates at around 50 updates max at a time on both of these NUCs as well as a third (a NUC5i3RYH) I'm also assembling right now.

                      Trying to do the initial 200 batch after a fresh install resulted in Windows rolling them all back after a restart. I've never had that on other machines I've assembled using discrete components (mATX boards and CPUs - same installation media).


                      Lastly, it does feel as if the DN2820FYKHs are missing something (on the SATA driver front?). After installing loads of updates, the mouse pointer is very jerky/sluggish for a while even though there's no pending disk activity showing in Windows Resource Monitor, the CPU is pretty much idle and most of the 4GB RAM is available. No such problems on the NUC5i3RYH.

                      Kind regards



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                        Quick follow up to my last post, the monitor squealing is definitely the V7 L23600WHS monitor - does the same with a PS3 hooked up to it. And the Intel NUC exhibited no such odd behaviour when hooked up to my Samsung TV.


                        So the only outstanding niggles with the DN2820FYKH NUCs are:


                        1. Having to install identified Windows updates in batches instead of being able to leave it to do all in one go
                        2. Downloaded Intel drivers coming up as unsigned (Publisher: Unknown) and
                        3. Random jerky/sluggish responsiveness even though SSD, CPU & RAM are idle


                        Given it happens on both DN2820FYKH's (SA-H22962-104 and 105), I'm guessing it's not a faulty unit.

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                          Cesar Badilla

                          Hello KSB1972


                          I am glad to hear the issue with the sound is fixed.


                          Did the drivers downloaded from Intel® Download Center display Publisher:unknown in all Intel®  NUC's you installed them?



                          Caesar B.

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                            Hello cesarb_intel

                            Publisher:Unknown only on both DN2820FYKH's. I heard what Scott said. But I've been in this game long enough to know something isn't quite right with these DN2820FYKH's.


                            The NUC5i3RYH was fine with drivers downloaded discreetly from the Intel site. However, the Intel Automatic driver update utility failed miserably on the NUC5i3RYH. Identifying drivers that needed installing correctly, going through the motions of downloading the files, but finding that no files actually get downloaded so the installation fails. So I had no choice but to download and install them manually on that NUC.


                            The NUCs are with the customer now so I can do no more testing easily now.


                            As I said at the beginning, I am more than a little alarmed at the issues I've had with the obtaining, installation and usage of software and drivers from Intel on this occasion. With Apple releasing chips like the A9X, I wonder how long before Intel pulls it's socks up and really starts pushing the envelope again. There's no room for mis-steps in this game.

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                              Cesar Badilla

                              Hello KSB1972


                              Thank you for your feedback we appreciate it because it will allow us to improve our products and services.




                              Caesar B.