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    Intel SSD 750 connection problem



      I have an Intel 750 1.2Tbyte drive 2.5 inch model. I want to use it as a second hard drive on a Dell computer. i don't need to boot from it.

      It is not currently recognized in the BIOS. I have tried it with the supplied cable as my mother board has the appropriate plug/socket. I have also tried plugging it into the U.2 connectors that come with my desktop case at the back of the slots/trays where you can add hard drives. Neither work.


      Do I need to supply additional power via the SATA power connector that breaks out of the supplied cable? If so, what connector do I need? My computer has plenty of 6 pin PCIe power connectors but I have not been able to find a cable that would simply link from these to the supplied connector.


      I have to say that it is very disappointing that there appear to be no instructions with the hard drive and the information I have found on line is not very clear.


      Hope someone can help.