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    Updating HD 4500 Driver result in black screen


      I was updating Intel HD 4500 graphics card on my laptop running Windows 10, using 3rd party software. At half way my screen blacked out, and lit up again after switching it on and off (integrated function of my computer). But the whole screen turned red, looks like the green and blue channel had been shut off. Then I uninstalled the card driver but failed to replace it with a previous one (because rolling back cannot be selected).


      After the first reboot, it started up normally without any problem and the display restored. But after the second reboot, nothing appeared after the BIOS screen, except for the mouse pointer. I tried several times and it persists.


      Then I opened up Recovery Environment by force shutting off computer several times. I didn't have any system checkpoints, nor recovery images. I could use the command prompt mode and no file system damage has been detected. Safe mode cannot be booted up either - whenever I select the safe mode and reboot, it's black screen.


      There is another option in Recovery Environment that switches to low display definition and then startup. It also didn't make any sense to me. I knew that Windows 7 and earlier versions are capable of loading the "latest correct configuration" at the Safe Mode menu, but I couldn't find it in Windows 10.


      I think the hardware aren't being damaged because Windows Recovery Environment and command prompt environment all have correct color and perfect definition, and the screen worked very well after the first reboot. So do I have any chances to fix it without having to reinstall Windows? I've also found an option in Recovery which resets the computer but keeping all "personal files". Does these "files" include Desktop, my User Folder, and Program Files folder?