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    More 5i5RYH information?


      First time posting on here, please go easy.


      Spent hours looking for an IR compatibility list of remotes, and cannot find any. Will this model work with a Logitech Harmony 350 remote?


      How does the 2.5" SSD get power? All I'm seeing on the board is the SATA port?


      Does the internal wireless chip with Bluetooth support this without the need for it's Bluetooth USB?


      My greatest apologies if hyperlinks are not allowed, thought it'd be make the post cleaner.


      Thanks for any answers, it'll help me decide on buying one sooner than later. Have a great day!

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          Hello ilikerhinos,


          Thank you for joining the Intel communities.


          You can see all the components validated for this unit here.


          At that website you can see IR compatibility, Keyboards and mouse devices supported, SSD etc.


          The 2.5 SSD should be inserted into the SSD enclosure and just make sure it is fully seated.