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    Do all processors with AVX also support SSE?


      I have been using an application that uses SSE extensions on a desktop machine with an i7-3770. Intel documents this processor as supporting SSE 4.1/4.2, AVX


      I am looking for an embedded PC to run the application on.  I am considering one with an i7-3610QE processor.  When I compare it with the i7-3770 the following differences show up:

                                                 i7-3410               i7-3770

      base frequency                     2.3 GHz             3.4 GHz

      max turbo freq                      3.3 GHz              3.9 GHz

      cache                                  6 MB                   8 MB

      extensions                           AVX                   SSE 4.1/4.2, AVX


      I thought that SSE is an extension of MMX and code written for MMX will run on any cpu with SSE, and that AVX is an extension of SSE, and any code written for either MMX or SSE will run on a processor supporting AVX


      Is that correct - can I expect my application that uses SSE instructions to run properly on an i7-3610?