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    Does the warranty cover this?


      Hi! Thank you right away for taking time to help me!


      My situation is the following, i have an i5 4670k and the temperatures that is reaching are concerning me.

      On idle Max temp is 40 ºC and using prime95 and other stressing programs my temperature goes up to 80 ºC. My computer already shutdown due to overheating.


      Info on hardware:


      - My cooler is a Noctua NH-U14s

      - Case is Fractal Design R4

      - CPU is i5 4670

      - Motherboard is Asus Maximus vi Hero


      What i have done:


      - changed termal compound

      - make sure the bracket that supports the cooler is secured correctly

      - make sure that airflow is good and external vents on case are working properly

      - checked main cooler vent


      Now to the point, the CPU is NOT overclocked and my temps are like these... I contacted the store where i bought my CPU and asked for help, they said that these temperatures are normal and that there was nothing they could do. My question is, does the store warranty cover this? Are they obliged to fix/give another cpu? I have tried everything, i thing i just got a really bad chip and now i don`t know what to do.


      Best regards,

      Pedro Silva.