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    I have a question.


      Why do you guys send people (ReviewTechUSA, DTOID, etc) with a lot of money free items (Retro i7 box, etc)? Why don't you send someone who can't afford pc parts (like myself) one of these? They can already afford these parts very easily. There are many gamers out there who would love to buy a pc (like myself), but cannot afford one. And out of all people, you send people who already have money free items? I know they can review your items, but the majority of people who are watching them cannot go out and spend $600-$1500 on a computer, and the people who can already have the best parts there are. I'm 100% sure that MANY people would be very, very happy if they would get a package with some computer parts. Hell, I'd be dancing out of happiness if I would get a box like that.


      So lemme re-ask my question. Why do you guys send people with a lot of money that have amazing pcs free parts, but you don't send a single free thing to people who cannot afford pcs?