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    New DP43TF installation hangs


      Just upgraded my computer with this board, new Intel Core2 Quad cpu, 550 Watt power supply, 2 x 2GB DDR2 ram, new, Seagate SATA 500GB hard drive and it just sits there at the Intel screen "<Bios settings: F2, Boot Menu F10> and a little square box with the code: B3.  I looked up the meaning of the code, that it's "configuring" the media (hard drive).  WELL,  it's been over 2 hours and it's still at that screen.  I cannot click F2 or F10 because it's obviously not recognizing my keyboard.  Tried putting the board's CD in for it to read (even though it's supposedly outdated), but that's to no avail.


      What the heck am I missing here???  Please HELP!!!