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    Buying an overclocked i5?


      I see there are many different overclocked I5's and i7's on sale.

      And I wondered why anyone would buy these?


      I'm especially looking at a core i5 750 normally running @2.66 which is brought up to 3.2 here.
      They say they tested them on a 100% workload for 6 hours straight and say that it will work. Price is relatively cheap but the cooler is still the same.

      So would you recommend buying one of those? Or would you say that chances are too high that this thing will be a wreck sooner or later, especially when you're planning to game for some hours straight?


      Here's the link, if you're interested




      thanks guys

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          I have a core i5 with 4gigs of ram at ddr3 1600 and I left the bios alone and it runs at 3.2 when the load requires it.

          If the cooling is right it should be fine.

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            Personally no. 2 reasons one becasue its from ebay...always a bit dodgy

            and sencond, if you want an overclocked system do it yourself it isn't really that hard and then at least you will know what is going on. I wldn't really trust an already overclocked system, tehre are too many things taht could go wrong, and you won't get warranty at aleast on your CPU, becasue it was overclocked and on the proof of purchase probably says so. Aprt from anything else they would have to ship the system all built togetther and the way teh courires send stuff....dunno, it just dosent sound like a good idea...and anyways six hours ain't really enough of a stress test for an Oc system, most people say at least 12 to be completly sure it is stable.