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    DP55KG - why doesn't network adapter work or show up in device list?


      I just built a new PC with the DP55KG motherboard.  Installed 64-bit Windows 7.  System works fine so far except it can't see the network.  Device Manager shows two entries under "Network Adapters", but both are for the Bluetooth Device.  Under "Other devices" there is an entry for "Ethernet Controller", but the icon has an exclamation mark on a yellow background, and when I view properties for it, it says "The device isn't using any resources because it has a problem."


      In any event, when I try to connect to the Internet, I get the message "Windows did not detect any networking hardware".


      Do I have a defective motherboard?

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          chipset drivers installed and network enabled in the bios? latest bios on?

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            Thank you for responding so quickly.


            The on-board LAN is enabled in the BIOS.


            I installed the chipset software.  I also downloaded and installed the latest BIOS.  Neither seemed to fix it.


            Any other ideas?

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              does the installer of the network drivers package (from intel) detect a device?

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                What are you referring to as the "network drivers package"?


                I installed everything that came on the Intel Express Installer CD, with the exception of the Nuvoton Consumer IR Driver.


                I did install the Chipset Software Installation Utility, but I never saw any messages from that about anything.  And I don't see that software on my Programs menu, so I'm not sure what that did, but when I run the Intel Express Installer again, it shows a status of "on system" for the Chipset Software Installation Utility.


                What should I try to install?

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                  That worked!  Thank you so much!


                  So it must be that the network driver in the Intel Express Installer CD that came with the motherboard was not compatible with Windows 7, or that it was not compatible with the 64-bit version of Windows 7.


                  Either way, it's working now.  Thanks again for all of your help!

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                    hi just some extra info for future reference, or just for anyone's knowledge -- if the device is showing up in the device manager (even if it has an exclamation mark next to it), then that means it *is* Enabled in the BIOS, otherwise, it will not show up, as Windows (under normal conditions) will remove any devices that it no longer detects as being present (or at least hides them).


                    If it does not show up in the network adapters, but does show up in the device manager, then your first step should be to make sure you have the correct and latest driver installed... which you can always look up here and download on the site.


                    The chipset device drivers/software would not have installed the network card drivers, even though it is 'on-board'. The chipset device drivers are mainly for lower level components, like the P55 controller, USB hubs and ports, the PCI bus (things like add-on cards will use this bus). Just extra info.


                    Sounds like you were right though, either the drivers on your CD weren't 64-bit drivers, or didn't support Windows 7, or a combination... this is why I recommend that for someone setting up a new PC or doing a fresh install of their OS.... go ahead and download all of the latest drivers for your devices so you'll know you've got the latest and greatest... plus you won't have older versions of drivers possibly partially hanging around.


                    The chipset drivers should be the first thing you install on a clean install of Windows. This will basically upgrade/overwrite Windows "generic" drivers for these devices with Intel's drivers... which can tell the device in much greater detail how to do things, and how to do them more efficiently. If you install your other drivers on the base of these generic Windows drivers... then you go back and try to upgrade them, it can sometimes be like making the computer re-learn what it has been taught, and things may not run as smoothly (though they may still... you know how computers are like that)


                    Btw, the network adapter is one of those devices that I talked about being on the PCI bus. You'd want to have the PCI bus drivers installed before you install drivers for devices that use that bus, so that they know from the start the 'proper' way to use the lower level components.... but -- alas... there are those times... how are you supposed to download the chipset drivers when your network card drivers aren't  installed yet? if you forgot or don't have another computer.... ya bum outta luck haha.


                    Anyway. Enough of my 2 cents... 20 cents.. whatever that was. Sounds like you know a pretty good amount about things in the first place if you know how to upgrade your BIOS and drivers and such. Glad you all got the problem worked out.


                    I'm just curious -- the driver CD that came with your DP55KG motherboard should have had Windows 7+64-bit drivers on it... I *believe* that I read in the documentation on that CD that for 64-bit, you had to manually install the drivers. That may be the case here... I'm not sure if you tried this or not, but next time when you are getting the ! on that device, try right clicking or double clicking it and choose 'update driver...', then tell it to search for the driver for you... it should read through the whole CD and locate the correct driver. Not sure if you tried that or not. Failing that.. do the same thing... go to 'update driver...' then choose let me tell Windows where to find the driver... then browse to your CD drive, and make sure 'search sub-folders' is selected.


                    (In retrospect, it may have been the audio/Realtek drivers that had to be manually installed... either way... you'll know next time to just download those puppies to a USB flash drive or something before a re-install.)


                    Sorry if I am talking way below your level, I don't mean to offend or anything. I've worked in tech support for so long that I know  -- never assume how much the user knows... like what the 'start button' is, or what 'right-click on the desktop' means. "go into the control panel" ----> no no. ----> "alright, now let's click on the start button down in the lower left-hand corner.... and once that comes up, look around for something that says control panel" (pause) "got it? -- awesome. now double click on that icon and a new window will come up"


                    demeaning, down-talking, or insulting? -- nope, 95% of the time it's 'helpful'. then every now and then you anger the guy who runs nothing but linux at home on his self-built 16 node beowulf cluster.......



                    what a tangent. A.D.D is bad.