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    wont boot, debug code 29, exit mrc driver, help


      hey everyone

      i have a dp5wg


      this problem has happened to me twice now.

      if the computer goes into S3 sleep. it will come out, so far as power cycling on, but then nothing ever displays on my screens, they stay blank. as well as the debug led goes haywire, and the hdd led keeps constantly flashing.  i have left the computer this way for over 20 minutes just to make sure it doesnt come out of S3, no luck.


      upon a hard reset, no video appears on the screen and it halts at the error code 29, "exit mrc driver". i never gets to the bios or OS.

      the back to bios button doesnt help either.  use of this button causes the exact same symptoms as when it comes out of S3.  the debug led displays random numbers/codes extremely fast, and i get no video after post.


      it can be solved by manually taking out the battery and replacing it. however i dont want to have to do this everytime my computer falls into S3.  anyone know what is going on and how to i fix it? and also to what the "exit mrc driver" code refers?