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    Can I/Should I disable AMT and IMSS and/or remove the task bar icon?


      , it seems, the Intel Management Security Status icon has shown up on my task bar. I've had no idea what it is and could not find a way to close the program or remove the icon.  (A right click gives me a "close" option that does nothing.)


      So I poked around online and discovered technical jargon over my head that makes me think this tool is designed for remotely accessing my computer by IT managers, in the case that, say, I was networked in a business setting and needed other users to access my computer.


      But I'm just a single computer owner -- no network to use, no other access needed.  And, in fact, I read a couple of things that make me nervouse about rogue computers being able to access my computer for malicious purposes the the AMT.


      So, my first questions is: Why should I have this on my computer and/or why should it be functional?  Can't I just remove the program?


      My second question is: If there is a legitimate reason for keeping AMT (active) on my computer, can't I get rid of the task bar icon?


      And my third questions is:  If I can remove/disable  the program and/or remove the icon, HOW do I do that?  I found some posts related to removing the icon and diabling AMT, but the what the writers said about it was either way over my head or did not align with my computer configuration (i.e. they said to open dialog boxes that I don't have, said to change configurations that I can't find.)


      This is driving me crazy -- HELP!!!