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    nuc5cpyh waking up monitor/video issues [Win 8.1]




      Got my nuc5cpyh recently, i'm really enjoying it, except for two problems -

      When the device goes to sleep, suddenly the IR remote doesnt work when I try to wake up the device. saw in this forum that it's a known problem with the driver and they are working on it, so I change the sleep settings to hibernation, which leads me to the next problem -

      Now when I try to wake it up, I have no video [black screen], just audio and I need to reboot the system in order to fix it.

      As I said, I have Windows 8.1 64bit installed, latest drivers (BIOS/motherboard/Graphic Card etc.). The system is plugged via HDMI to my AVR and from there to the TV.

      Appreciate the help

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          Probably not related... but just today I noticed that when I have the screen saver set to "Blank", I continue to get a black screen with audio when using the remote.

          I have to turn on my bluetooth keyboard and activate the touchpad on it to get the screensaver to deactivate.


          So, I've disabled the screensaver for now.


          Probably not the issue you are seeing, but something to check if you haven't yet.