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    Intel Rapid Storage Technology configuration with new SSD (replacing old HDD)



      I would say I am a veteran computer user, but don't know a ton about the BIOS etc.


      I originally purchased an HP that had a 500GB HDD with a 32GB SSD for "acceleration".  I recently swapped out the HDD for an SSD. The computer works much better except every time I boot, it wants me to launch the Intel Rapid Storage Technology configuration screen (if I don't launch it, my computer will crash).  So I hit Ctrl+I to launch the configuration screen and exit immediately to get to Windows desktop.


      Can anyone help me "configure" the IRST so that I do not need to launch this at every restart? I know nothing about RAID, acceleration, etc, but would like to find the best settings for my computer from a performance standpoint.


      I have attached screenshots for anyone nice enough to help.