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    D945GSEJT BIOS doesn't recognize USB when webcam is connected



      I have a D945GSEJT motherboard setup as a nettop. If I start the computer with the webcam connected to a USB Port and a USB pen on another port, the USB pen is not recognized in the BIOS as a removable storage device to boot up. Also, the Intel splash screen takes longer whenever I have the webcam plugged in. If I take the webcam out, everything works perfectly. More interestingly though is if I attach the camera to an USB hub, and the connect the hub to the USB port, then everything works fine as well!

      This is totally independent of the Operating System as we are only at BIOS level here! I had version 25 of the BIOS and I flashed it with the latest version (37) to no avail.


      Anyone know how to fix this?



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          hello I have similar problem - when I connect and install printer HP LaserJet 1018 it correctly works. When I switch it off for a few days and then turn it on again (still connected to USB), it doesn't work again. System (XP PRO) cannot recognize this device and when I go to the hardware manager and run new HW detection it opens dialog "Searchin for new defices..." and nothing new come to me. Only when I unplug the printer, system hide this dialog. Please can somebody help? I thing next important notice is that this PC is still on. I am switchnig off only the printer.