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    Issues with Intel ® HD Graphics 5500  and Seiki 39 inch 4k monitor


      Hi All, I bought Seiki 39'' 4k monitor but unfortunately, the monitor recognizes HDMI port as a DVI port with max resolution of 1920x1080 @60HZ, which is wrong. I should be getting 3840x2160 @24HZ when connecting through HDMI port. Higher resolution simply is not available in Graphics Control Panel. I've done some research and learned that the issues is most likely in Graphics card's drivers. I've checked for drivers but it doesn't show any updates for this specific graphics card.

      Have you experienced similar issues or do you  know how to fix it?



      Device: Lenovo X1 Carbon 2015

      Intel ® HD Graphics 5500


      Some of my observations:


      The issue I described above happens when I am in a single screen mode.


      When 2nd - laptop monitor is active, the max resolution available is 2560x1440 @ 60HZ.


      Also, when I was troubleshooting the issue by trying to restart the computer, the screen where I am prompted to enter bitlocker password is in high resolution and the monitor displayed expected HDMI port with resolution of 3840x2160. This is bizarre.


      Does anyone have any tips?