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    Bluetooth on legacy AC7260 card doesn't work on Windows 10 after driver v17


      Being using Windows 10 since the early beta days, the Bluetooth module of legacy Intel® Dual Band Wireless AC7260 used to work like a champ with v16.6.0 for Windows 8.1 drivers.

      A while ago when Win10 came out to public, Intel also released drivers v17, and the Bluetooth module started to fail with error code 43. I had to revert back to the v16 drivers, so the Bluetooth module resumed work just fine.


      Unfortunately, I do not have the installer for quite a while, and recently after another failed attempt trying to use another new v17 driver, Windows also decided to upgrade to the Microsoft driver, taking away my ability to revert to the previous v16 driver, and now I have a non-functional Bluetooth module - just as many others are reporting.


      This card and system are not from an OEM vendor, they were all purchased from a hardware parts store, so please skip the "go to your OEM for support" part as that doesn't apply to me.


      Also, having working in the past with Intel engineering team on a fix for this same card regarding a Wireless driver issue back in March 2014 (Case #: 00012479 - Intel® Wi-Fi Products — TechNote: Sporadic Wireless Disconnects Caused by Data Reordering Issue), let me know how can I generate any logs/dumps and I'm happy to provide them so a proper working driver can be issued by Intel.


      Thanks and regards.

      Update: As a side note, I may not be fully accurate on the version number for the Intel Bluetooth driver - v16.6.0 might be the 802.11 module version instead of the Bluetooth module version. I am sure, however, it was the immediate previous Windows 8.1 x64 driver version before Win10 went public.