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    Windows 10 Upgrade - Graphical Distortion in Some Apps


      HI everyone,


      Hope this issue is articulated well. I upgrade my HP Omen to Windows 10 and, so far, everything looks stellar. However, there is one strange issue; because the resolution of the display is so high, Windows recommended that size of text/apps/etc be scaled at 125% - this is done with the built in Windows 10 Display Settings.Window.PNG

      For the most part, everything looks great. However, some of the apps look a little distorted. Google Chrome renders perfectly, but certain programs and even system dialogues look a little fuzzy, as if they were upscaled to a higher resolution than their native and there's distortion. See images:



      I tried to illustrate the fuzziness by comparing the windows to the icons on the desktop, but while the icons look crisp, the windows do not. But like I said, certain programs have so far operated correctly, like CCleaner and Google Chrome. It looks like there 2 graphics cards on board, an Intel HD Graphics 4600 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M. I attached a sytem info file that the Intel Graphics program saved for me. I hope this was enough information and I Hope we have solutions.


      Thanks for everyone's help!