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    D41TY board Burned twice after an hourthen i install Win7


      i have  D41TY with 9400quad  processor and its work good wite win xp.

      I decided to upgrade to Win7 and . after one hour  D41TY board Burned.

      THE Board was replaced in new one;and  Burned again after one hour.

      The third time was replaced by a new board
      But with a processor E7500 and it works well.

      and i see in the "events view" in windows7 that 1 min Before the last Two board Burned. the system Warning Critical  that  9400quad  processor

      not work good  in all his 4 Cores and to Contact the manufacturer to update the firmware


      Does anyone know what the reason
      Maybe BIOS update
      Perhaps if the board does not support good at Win7