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    Intel HD 530 on skylake  and Discrete video card




      Im sure this question has been already ask however not for this new chip.... So I own the new i5 Skylake , 16 gb ram, ASUS DELUXE z170 ,Nvidia GTX 760, Win 10...



      I wasl told the intel chips were available to provide a FPS boost when working with a discrete video card.... Is this true???   if so How can I activate this option? my mobo has the option on video settings for primary to be set to : AUTO, IGFX, PEG, and PCIE. I have it on PCIE even though   I see a virtual monitor from the intel hd card..


      I also heard this was going to be true for sure with directx 12..... what do you know?


      if not.... so should I disable the video on the chip since Im not getting any benefit? HDMI port on the mobo does not provide video unless I use the IGFX option as my primary.



      Thanks guys.