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    Intel graphics control panel, HD 2000, WIN10




      I am running a Intel HD grafics GPU on my mainboard (2nd gen., HD 2000) together with a GeForce GTX 285. I have two displays connected to the GeForce, and my TV connected to the Intel (all DVI).

      After upgrading to WIN10, I can not reach the Intel control panel - when "right-klicking" on the desktop, there is no link to the control panel anymore. Display properties only shows options and settings for the GeForce card (which is working well). I am using driver version Reinstalling this driver did not help. HArdware worked well under WIN 7, so this seems to me like a software issue. Also, when connection the TV to the GeForce, it works just fine.


      What I am trying to achieve is to extend the desktop to the TV being connected to the Intel onboard GPU. The TV was delinked when upgrading to WIN10, but I want to have it available again by applying the "Extend desktop" option. Unfortunately, it is not there anymore for the Intel HD 2000.


      Anyone any ideas how to solve this?