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    NUC DN2820FYKH power supply




      (sorry for my english )


      I have an Intel NUC DN2820FYKH from several months, and have some trouble while power on.

      Sometimes (not always), a few seconds after pushing the power buton, a message appears and the NUC powers off. The message is almost the following:

      "CAUTION: Using other than 12DC adapter may cause component damage and unstable system performance"


      Has someone already get this message? I don't understand where is the problem.


      I use the following power supply:

      12V power adapter and 4 plug attachments - Intel® NUC Spare Parts


      Thank you for your help!


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          From what you have related, I am thinking that the most likely cause would be a power adapter that is starting to fail. Do you have a second one that you can try? If not, contact Intel Customer Support. They may be able to provide you with a replacement at no additional cost to you...



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            Hi Scott,


            Thank you for your answer. This morning, the NUC doesn't start


            I don't have another power adapter no. I bought the one I have separately of the NUC and I don't think I can tell the after sales services to change it.

            Do you know if another power adapter could work? Regarding how long it worked, I would like to try another one, if possible.




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              You can use any adapter that meets the correct voltage (i.e. 12V) and the minimum amperage/wattage (3A/35W) and has the correct tip for plugging into the NUC. By 'minimum amperage/wattage', I mean that, while they do not recommend it, you could use an adapter that can deliver a higher amperage/wattage, so long at it outputs at the correct voltage (i.e. 12V).



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                Привет! Скажи, ты решил свою проблему с INTEL NUC, у меня точно такая же!!!

                Вот мыло мое bolt1986@nm.ru