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    intel graphical problems on old games



      I'm using LENOVO Z510 core i7 laptop,Windows 8.1 pro,so when i want to play old games for example "ZANZARAH:THE HIDDEN PORTAL" the games runs,but not properly,because nothing is seen on game,actually my laptop has two graphic cards:

      Nvidia geforce GT 740M

      Intel HD graphics 4600

      I even updated my graphic drivers to the latest,but again same problem,just when i uninstall the INTEL graphic card,the game runs properly,i have attached a screenshot of game,please help me solve this.


      AliScreenshot (7).png

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          Hi Ali987,


          Intel released a new graphics driver 2 days ago (10/10/2015); I encourage you to update the driver and give a try. The driver is intended for newer operating systems and games, changing the screen resolution might solve the issue.

          According to Steam recommendations, they suggest the screen resolution to a modus with 32 bit color depth.


          Mike C