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    Intel HD 4600 drivers result in Black Screen and Freeze laptop.


      Hi, I wanted to ask for help about the kind of black screen problem i am facing.


      I was gaming while it all happened. I have laptop MSI GE70 2PE Apache pro. Now while i was play the game COH2 online multiplaye the screen suddenly froze and i had to restart the pc using power button. So then at Reboot the logo of MSI showed up but after that it showed black screen.


      I start researching and did everything i could find on the internet. I Updated EC and BIOS. Reset and Refresh Windows. and everything i could find on the internet but nothing resolvee the problem.


      Also after refresh i was also not able to reboot in safe mode to i couldnot enter safe mode becuase it said that " instalation could be completed in safe mode. So i had to install Windows from external DVD.


      After that the computer ran but it only ran on Mobile Basic Display. Intel HD wasnt installed. But as soon as i install the driver of Intel HD 4600 the computer screen goes black and it freezes the laptop. Then i have to reboot the system then go to safe mode then disable intel HD4600 graophics so the screen can run again.


      NOTE: As long as Intel HD is disabled the laptop runs but as soon as i turn on intel HD Graphics then everything goes black and Windows Freezes. I am also not able to use  dedicated Graphics which is GTX860M as it is buffered through intel Graphics.


      Can anyone here help me?