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    Cannot update the bios of my NUC5CPYB




      I bought a NUC5CPYB (In the Intel update utility says NUC5CPYH, in the bios NUC5CPYB, quite disturbing). There are some issues with the image, and I have seen that in the page of NUC5CPYH there are some bios updates. My bios version is: PYBSWCEL.86A.0027.2015.0507.1758. I am under Windows 8.1. When I try to install the updates, it says that "Current bios is an unsupported legacy bios". When I try to update through the bios menu it says that it could not download the catalog of the product or something similar.


      In the Intel driver page there is no reference of NUC5CPYB...


      How can I update my bios?




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          The board's name is NUC5CPYB. The system's (kit's) name is NUC5CPYH. The "H" in this name is an indication that you have the style of chassis that provides a bay into which you can install a 2.5" SSD/HDD drive.


          What you want to do is go to the download page for the NUC5CPYH (or B; gets you to same place) and download the latest BIOS file. Based upon what I am seeing on the download page right now, It will be the file named PY0043.BIO. Place this file in the root folder of a formatted USB flash stick (key) and insert this flash stick into one of the NUC's USB ports. Power on the NUC and keep pressing the F7 key until it presents a dialog allowing you to choose the BIOS file to install. Select the one you put on and go. It should install without issue...