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    DP55KG BIOS & Memory Errors


      DP55KG motherboard

      i5 processor

      BIOS: 3878.2009.1028 (latest at this time)

      OCZ PC3 12800 2GB RAM sticks (Part # OCZ3G1600LV4GK) (4 sticks, 8GB total)

      Win7 64 bit or Win2008 R2 64-bit

      No overclocking or tweaking.  Defaults across the board.


      First problem:  Neither OS would install with more than 2GB of RAM. RAM was installed in channel A, slot 0.

      After install, I could add the RAM back and the system would run.  However, multiple bluescreen events at random times.

      BurnInTest x64 would run fine with 2GB of ram.  As soon as more was installed, thousands of memory errors or bluescreens.


      Second problem:  When booting (even with one stick), the system will beep once, flash the spash screen, black screen.  Single beep again, flash the spash screen and then boot.  It appears that it is not booting on the first attempt, something gets dynamically adjusted and then it reboots.


      Wondering if this seems like a bad MB or if I should try different RAM.


      Thanks in advance for anyone's advice.