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    Possible to setup Edison as "Mass storadge device" only?



      Is it possible to setup the Edison so that when you connect it to Windows / MACOS / Linux, it only provides

      a mass storadge device (the internal solid state memory is enough)?

      I want to set it up that e.g. under windows only the normal out of the box drive pops up. And the same under

      MACOS and Linux.



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          Hello Christoph.P,



          Well, that's the normal behavior of the board. If you open (on Windows) the device manager and go to the Disk drives section, while your Edison is connected, you should find a device called "Linux File-CD Gadget USB device". This device is in fact your Edison's massive storage drive. If you right-click on the "Linux File-CD Gadget USB device" and select Properties, you will find that in deed it is detected as a USB Mass Storage Device. This should be the same behavior on any OS.


          edison drive.PNG


          Is this not happening to you? If so, there may be a software issue with your board. In that case I'd suggest you to reflash your board either with Flash Tool Lite (Intel® Edison Downloads) or flashall (How to Run the Flashall Script).