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    Error: One or more given parameters are invalid!


      In Intel PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility, when I hit the "Refresh" button, the Wireless Event Viewer displays "Error: One or more given parameters are invalid!"


      Does anyone know what that's about?


      How can I discover the invalid parameter?


      And why is this screwing up?


      Thank You.

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          Other than this error message, are you experiencing any connection issue? We have reproduced this error and the same error message showed but I have no issue accessing the internet and the wireless card is operating just fine.

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            Hi Aleki,


            I've experienced periodic spontaneous disconnections for about a year. It seems I can't go a full day without having to reset my cable gateway. The disconnection is preceded by Win7 trashing the network (as shown by error messages in Wireless Event Viewer). I can go for hours without any errors (or without any events at all!), then I'll get 6 to 8 entries (including a few errors) every 3 seconds for 10 or 15 minutes, then, disconnection. But even that's not consistent. Sometimes the thrashing will die out without disconnection. Same errors, different outcome.


            This problem may have been fixed by my latest driver reinstall. I am monitoring the situation. It's rather strange because I've reinstalled the Centrino 6150 driver several times in the past with no improvement until yesterday...


            The way that Intel is documenting the drivers is very confusing. Embedding the v. driver inside an installer named 'Wireless_16.11.0_s64.exe' is mystifying. Also, the lack of accurate nomenclature and the lack of help regarding driver settings is very frustrating. I suppose Intel is attempting to avoid user-noise, but being so opaque makes it difficult for people who are actually experiencing problems.


            At any rate, I may have stumbled onto a solution to my year-old problems. If not, I'll be back.

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              Thank you for your valuable feedback. We are going to foward your points to right right departments. In the meantime, we recommend that if your Intel(R) Wireless Adapter is the one installed by factory, you should always consult your computer manufacturer first to see if they have any updates available that could resolve the issue: Computer Manufacturer Support


              With that being said, we also would like to inform you that integration is not supported by Intel, please access this link for further information on this matter: Intel® Wi-Fi Products — Regulatory Information Regarding Hardware Installation or Upgrade


              On our best effort to assist you with this. Here are some solutions that may help you improve your experience with our adapters.

              Wireless Networking — What are the Recommended Settings for 802.11n Connectivity?

              Intel® Wi-Fi Products — Quick Checks That Might Improve or Fix Connection Issues

              Intel® Wi-Fi Products — Resolving Wi-Fi Network Connection Issues

              Intel® Wi-Fi Products — Current Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions


              As for the error message visualized in the event viwer, it should not affect anything related to your connection. Please take a look at this link: Intel® Wi-Fi Products — Find Software and Driver Versions for Current Intel® Wireless Adapters

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                I would like to reply, quoting sections of your message, but this editor is too weird and difficult to use.

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                  Did the solutions we have provided in our last replied helped you resolving the issue?

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                    Not really, Aleki.


                    Sorry. In another thread (maybe in another forum completely), a fellow sufferer recommended that I dump PROSet completely. I did, and so far so good.


                    Apparently, it was PROSet that was thrashing my network and causing the disconnections.

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                      Thank you for your feedback we are going to forward your issue to our engineering department.

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                        It's been 4 days now since I dumped PROSet. I'd previously run with PROSet still installed but with Win7 handling the WiFi. That did not solve my problems. Removing PROSet solved my problems.


                        I saved a lot of logs. When I made the logs, I had every conceivable driver monitor turned on. The logs are huge. If the folks there want them, let the folks know I still have them. I'll keep them for a few weeks.

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                          We would appreciate it greatly if you could be kind enough and send us the log.

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                            Hi Aleki,


                            I'm happy to help. As a former Intel engineer I can attest to the serious attention that Intel folks pay to the proper function of their chips and drivers.


                            How do I get the logs to you?


                            I want to share more experience with you.


                            Last night my cable gateway disconnected (or was disconnected) from the Internet and I had to reset it. That was the 1st time since I removed PROSet about a week ago. So obviously, things are much improved.


                            At one time I thought that disconnections were associated with (caused by?) IP lease renewal. It's very difficult to confirm that because once the cable gateway crashes, data about the prior lease are lost. During the time while I was keeping detailed logs I also recorded the IP lease times (reported by the gateway) so that when the cable gateway crashed I could correlate the time of the crash event with the end of the lease (if indeed there was a correlation). The lease is usually 24 hours, so adding 24 hours to the time when the last lease expired calculates the time when the current lease would have expired (had the gateway not crashed). The duration of the current lease is also reported by the gateway, so if the lease time is less than 24 hours, the calculation can be adjusted. However, both reports are in volatile memory, so they're lost when the gateway crashes. I was recording both data on a daily basis so that if (when) the gateway crashed, I could do the calculations to determine whether the crash occurred during a lease renewal. Some crashes seemed to correspond with lease renewal and some didn't, but gateway crashes were so frequent that the noise obscured what was actually happening. What's significant is this: Since I removed PROSet, my cable gateway obviously survives IP lease renewal (at least, most of the time).


                            What I think was happening is this: My gateway is not handling lease renewal properly (or my ISP is not handling my gateway properly), but the negotiation usually proceeded to success without the gateway crashing. However, when the negotiation dragged, Windows would sometimes get involved and it would try to automagically fix things. Usually, Windows and/or the gateway and/or my ISP would work things out without resetting the gateway, but sometimes Windows would reset the gateway. I think it's that reset that crashed the gateway (that is: Windows would reset the gateway, which then would come up crashed because Windows and/or ISP are interfering). This happens once a week (or once a month?), however, if PROSet is running, it would happen once per day (or sometimes twice per day).


                            ...I think all of this networking stuff needs to be much more transparent. Unfortunately, networking is becoming more opaque. Some network engineers say: "It should just work." That's fine when it works, but when it doesn't work, we users need transparency; we need tools. Leaving tools out because "It should just work" is not acceptable. Since the network software lacks transparency, and since there are no tools, the only thing I have to go on is the errors listed in the Wireless Event Viewer. So far, I've not found any explanation for "Error: One or more given parameters are invalid!" or any of the other errors I'm seeing (see my other posts to this forum). What good is Wireless Event Viewer if no one can (or is willing to) say what the error messages mean?


                            BTW, my cable gateway is DOCSIS-3 compatible. It's a Netgear, and though there is new firmware, and though that firmware is user-reported to fix this problem, Netgear refuses to give me the new firmware unless I pay it over $100 for a support contract. Of course, I will never buy Netgear again.


                            From what I've found on the Net, the DOCSIS-3 spec has changed and ISPs have pushed out appropriate firmware updates, but not to me. Warner Cable refuses to push out the update because my gateway is user-owned. They say that it's a liability issue. I offered to absolve Warner Cable of liability, but the company's representatives refuse. In a sense, their lawyers have found a way to punish me for not renting the gateway from them. It stinks.


                            Mostly I blame Netgear. Anyone interested should read the RipoffReports about Netgear. The reports are very revealing (and quite upsetting).

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