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    Yocto Layers - config files being ignored?


      Hello again,


      Been posting a lot on this but I haven't wanted to put too many questions in one post. I've been building Yocto iot-devkit images using this post from intel:



      However, I've been trying to add new kernel config files to them, and I guess I'm confused about what does and does not get looked at when bitbake builds all the recipes.


      Inside the meta-intel-iot-devkit layer, there are a TON of config files, that should add wireless network support for everything, including Atheros drivers. They have all the kernel config choices I want. However, although the config files are added in a .bbappend file, these different config files seem to do a whole lot of nothing.


      Am I totally missing another file, or am I right in thinking these different kernel configs are just being totally ignored.


      For reference, if you follow that tutorial and are in the iotdk folder, here's where each of the files I'm talking about are:


      bbappend file that references the wireless config files:



      .cfg file for atheros