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    Raid 5, 4 Disks, Windows 10 crashed => 2 members offline


      Hi - I'm not quite sure if this issue fits in here, but I'ma give it a try.


      I have A Gigabyte Z87-UD3H Board with 2 raids configured:


      primary: RAID1 with 2 SSD

      secondary: RAID5 with 4 1TB-Disks (no spare) => 2,7TB


      lately the computer was updated to windows10, not issues so far, but 1 week ago (i guess due to automatic updates), windows crashed and won't boot up anymore.

      So far, "no problem" I thought and tried to recover from safety backups stored on the secondary raid. Unfortunately this didn't work out and the whole primary RAID was formatted, and deleted.

      Still no worries, lets install a fresh Win7 and happiness will come.... thats what i thought.

      But something happened during the lastr operation, the secondary raid now shows up as failed with 2 offline members. I reinstalled Win7 and tried to fix this with the intel storage manager, but it shows the 2 raids - raid1 funtional, 2 members, raid 5: failed, 2 offline members...and below: the two disks which were former members of the raid5. ( the disks are in good condition and recognized as healthy by S.M.A.R.T)

      Any options? i got lots of important documents on those disks and don't wanna risk anything by trying weird proposals... I read in various forums to simply set the state of the disks to "NON-RAID" in bios and rebuild the array in the intel storage manager, but the BIOS tells me all data will be lost....and now i'm lost...

      any solutions appreciated



      PS: sorry for bad english and typos, i'm from germany

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          Cesar Badilla

          Hello Fräänk,


          Please make sure the  SATA mode in BIOS  is  set to "RAID". This may vary depending on your motherboard manufacturer. Then Check the current status of the disks array. Do they show up as "degraded" or "non-raid" Normally, on Intel® boards you could access the iRST by pressing CTRL+I at the POST screen on your computer. This process may be different on Gigabyte* Boards.

          You could try this third parties software on your own risk  RAID 5 Recovery - FreeRaidRecovery.com

          However, since the content in the RAID is important,  another option will be to take the computer to an authorized  RAID Data Recovery - Data Recover Center in order to safely recover the required information.



          Caesar B.

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