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    Can't install Win 10 driver for Centrino 2230


      I'm operating a Centrino 2230 Wireless adapter in a Dell 5520 laptop running Windows 10. With driver 15.8.10, I lose wi-fi any time I attempt to download anything (like bring up google).


      I downloaded wireless_18.20.0_De164 and attempted to install it. Try as I might, I cannot budge the existing driver to uninstall. Repeated attempts leave the driver at 15.8.10 dated 4/30/2015.  I downloaded the Intel Driver install utility and scanned my computer. It successfully identified my 2230, and proceeded to download the same driver package, with a description that it was for Windows 10. I then clicked install, and it Failed.  Multiple times.


      I deleted the driver in the Device Manager window, and then deleted the driver files in the Control Panel/Uninstall window.  I reran the Intel utility, and it Failed. Again. Somehow, the system reinstalled 15.8.10.


      Since I upgraded the operating system over a month ago, I cannot back out to Windows 7 (which worked fine with the 2230).


      I called Dell, and they are not certifying the Dell 5520 laptop for Windows 10. They told me I could pay them (Dell) $119 for a Windows 7 operating system disk (the laptop's out of warranty).


      I looked at downloading a Win 7 ISO file from Windows, but my product ID is for a Dell version of Win 7, so Microsoft referred me to Dell.


      I called Windows support, and they said I should just wait until they get around to building a driver for the 2230. Since Intel says there already is one, what I need is some way to uninstall the driver I have (really uninstall it), and install the recommended driver.


      Please help.


      Pat in Juneau, AK