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    How do I rebuild to a new disk, there is no option! IRST


      Ok, I'm freaking out a bit, my master disk recently took a dump on me, so I'm running off of m recover drive.  I bought a new hard drive & popped it in, but it's not showing up as new hardware, nor is there even an option to rebuild to a new disk!  I'm not sure if there's anything special I have to do to the new hard drive I put in, haven't had to do any of this myself in probably 10 plus years.


      In status it just says:

      Array 0000

      Volume_0000: Degraded

      Update mode: Continuous

      Details: A data recovery operation could not be completed due to a problem reported on the master disk. Fix any problems reported on the array disks to resume the operation, or rebuild the volume to a new disk.


      Master disk on port Unknown: Missing


      In Manage Disk is says similar stuff:


      Port: Unknown

      Port location: Unknown

      Status: Missing

      Usage: Master disk

      Size: 0 MB

      then it gives the serial number, and the rest is blank from there....






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          Your new HDD is in 512e format: 4096b physical sector size, 512b logical emulated. While RAID HDDs was in 512 format: 512b physical sector size. 512 logical. You cannot mix in RAID arrays disks with different formats. Read the detailed specs of HDDs in store, you need a 512 format one, not 512e or 4K native.

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            Hmm, I don't have the funds to get yet another HDD.  With me running off of the recovery right now, what would happen if I uninstall IRST?  Would that make the recovery drive the Master drive?  Or maybe I uninstall IRST & then have to change the recovery to the Master in the BIOS?  I've thought about just doing a fresh install of Windows 7 on my new HDD, but my Acer recovery discs aren't working unless I have the recovery drive hooked up, but I would want to make sure it's on the new drive....