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    i7 5930 will not post on MSI X99s gaming 9 ACK


      Here is my problem, after about 9 months of use my computer would not boot after a restart. Previously I have had zero problems with this setup. My motherboard(MSI X99s gaming 9 ACK) would give me 5 different boot codes. I contacted them and they suggested an RMA. I received the new board and tried it. I am having the same problem with the board or CPU. I have tried the board and or CPU in and out of the case with 3 different power supplies and 4 different ram sticks and all the things the motherboard manufacturer suggests to do in this problem. When i went back to there support they told me the boot codes that i was getting is for memory. "these codes are all CPU related, specifically the Memory Controller on the CPU. Based on the RMA records, this is a replacement motherboard, so its not the same one. and we do test the boards, since we need to check if the BIOS is up to date. " This is a quote from the support i received from MSI. So now i am suspecting the CPU. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.