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    MCU ADC Uniform Sampling


      I have a project where I was trying to get uniform sampling rate from the Edison ADC in python. Specifically, I read analogin values from python for a second, sleeping 1ms between samples. Obviously this wouldn't actually give me 1000 samples per second every time, but there was also way too much variability, from around 540-890 samples per second, and I assume there's no way that these were uniformly sampled.


      Since Edison doesn't have an RTOS, I tried to switch to the Quark, but I saw that the Quark sleep can only go as low as 0.01s, whereas I need to be sampling an ADC (this time, I have an I2C ADC connected) at least 1KHz. Can someone provide some insight into how I might do this in an accurate manner?


      And yes, I've seen the two links that have been cited as the answered posts regarding the quark adc reading.