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    Problems with screen following Windows 10 update




      I have recently updated to Windows 10 on a fairly old machine - generally with no problem.


      However, I am having a few issues with the screen - especially when I use a second montitor.


      1) In general the screen is very dull and I can not make it brighter (I can change the slider but it does nothing).

      2) When I have a second monitor it works - but if I am working on a powerpoint presentation on the second screen, then start slide show, when i leave the slide show it puts me back using the laptop screen (which is very dark). So I have to go and change the settings so only the second screeen is used. I have updated the driver settings (going through device settings/display adaptors/Intel (R)HD then update settings) - but nothing happened.


      I tried to download this:


      Download Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows® 7*, 8.1*, 10 (3rd Gen & BYT)


      but it said "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software". I attach below some of the details.


      If anyone could help that would be grand.


      Thank you.


      Intel graphics.pngComputer details.png