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    Cloud9 IDE on Intel Edison Mini Breakout Board Kit




      there are many IDEs out there, but few like Cloud9 - Your development environment, in the cloud that incoroprate 40 programming languages Cloud9 IDE - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia including python Welcome to Python.org. and are 100% cloud based. I realize that Intel is supporting Eclipse - The Eclipse Foundation open source community website., but this IDE does not include python.


      Some people (Cloud 9 IDE on Intel Edison and ctrl-x ctrl-s: Cloud 9 IDE on Edison and My Personal Guide to Intel Edison | *scratch buffer*) have described how to install Cloud9 on the Intel Edison, but this requires an SD card workaround due the rootfs space limitations on the eMMC. However, mini breakout board users like myself don't have the option to use the SD workaround.


      Is there another way to install Cloud9, i.e. by resizing the rootfs space or even better?