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    Current Ubilinux Not Loading




      I've tried to load the currently available Ubilinux to Edison a couple times over yesterday and I'm not having luck.


      I've used both a Mac and PC to do this activity.


      The downloadable archive is ubilinux-edison-150309.tar.gz


      I retrieved that from: EmutexLabs


      It looks like it flashes correctly. However, when loading, I can watch in the Linux startup a [FAILED] Failed loading kernel module.


      Finally, it DOES get to a login prompt, however that prompt is not Debian...

      Poky (Yocto Project Reference Distro) 1.6 edison ttyMFD2


      Anyone else having this problem? It almost looks like their ARCHIVE is delivering Yocto instead of Ubilinux. Maybe an OLDER archive is correct? I can't seem to find anything but the button on the EmutexLabs site which is that 150309 version.