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    drive changed to "Non-RAID Disk". How to correct?


      When I reset my BIOS settings, I did not notice that it changed my disks to ACHI from RAID. When I booted up into Windows 10 I noticed that the raid was missing. When I changed the SATA drive setting back to RAID and rebooted, the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Option ROM utility reported that 2 of the 4 disks in my RAID-5 Volume were now set to "Non-Raid Disk". How cah I change the 2 disks back to RAID volumes without damaging my RAID 5 Volume?


      My system reference is 0323 2360. For the rest of us, the configuration is as follows:


      ASUS Z87-Plus Motherboard

      Intel i7 4770K CPU

      2 Crucial Ballistix 4Gb Memory Modules

      6 SATA III Hard Drives:

        1 Hitachi Deskstar 7k.1000C 1Tb Drive (C volume)

        1 Western Digital WD10EACS 1Gb Drive (For future Fedora install)

        4 Seagate Barracuda 2000 ST2000DM001 2Tb Hard Drives (Intel RST Raid)


      I am running Windows 10 Pro.


      The system was running fine until I reset the BIOS to overcome some errors windows was picking up from some incorrect over clocking setting. I reset the BIOS, ans, as I stated above, failed to notice that the ASUS UFEI BIOS (American Megatrends Build 2103), under the Advanced Settings / SATA Configuration page had changed the "STATA Mode Selection" from RAID to ACHI.


      When I went in and changed the SATA Mode Selection back to RAID and rebooted the system, the Intel RST utility listed 2 of the 4 drives in my RAID 5 volume as "Non RAID Disk".


      The only other setting that has been changed from the default in the BIOS has been to set the drives as Hot Swappable.


      Windows can not start the RAID (No surprise as it thinks 1/2 of the drives are missing), and lists the missing drives in the device manager, and the Disk Management listes the drives as being present, and uninitialized disks (and want to know what kind of partition style to use to initialize the disks).


      How can change the 2 drives back to RAID drives, and get my RAID 5 back up and running?