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    Intel 7 Series C216 Chipset USB Problems (Intermittent cutout)


      Hey ya'll


      I've got an intel chipset and lately I am having no end of **** with it's USB, I seem to be intermittently having it cutout and then reload, so while I'm using windows I will for instance be moving my mouse and suddenly I will hear the sound of a USB device being put in (That ping you get when you put in a flash drive) and at that exact moment my mouse will stop moving, often requiring that if I am mid motion I start that motion again. This has gotten super irritating for multiple reasons, firstly that if I am in a game my windows mouse cursor immediately appears on top of my screen and it requires alt tabbing or in more extreme cases restarting the game to get it to go away, I also occasionally experience lockouts where my keyboard and mouse simply stop working entirely but my system hasn't frozen, if I'm watching a video or listening to music that continues on happily, I just can't do anything. The most annoying side effect is that sometimes a total system hang follows that noise, and I mean the screen just freezes, no bluescreen or anything, just a hard lock down which then requires a forced restart.


      Now how do I know it's definitely the USB causing this? Well I had an install of Windows 8.1 pro that had these symptoms, then my hard drive died so I got a new one, and reinstalled and these problems came back on a fresh install of Windows, then my power supply needed replacing and these problems were there before and after said replacement, then I moved my entire PC over to a new case, on which I didn't attach the front USB ports to the motherboard, because lazy, then after a while I thought screw it and attached said front USB ports and plugged my keyboard and mouse into them and for almost a month the problem went away entirely, then after said period the whole issue started up again and now even though they're in new USB ports I'm having exactly the same problem.


      So I head on to google and find that apparently I am alone in this problem, but there was a thread where someone recommended something called TweakBit Driver Updater, so out of curiousity I downloaded and installed it, now this program claims my 1E2D and 1E26 drivers are out of date but of course to have it fix that it wants me to pay it money which I won't do because I'm cheap and because this whole problem is just dumb. So I go to device manager and tell windows to update both those drivers and it tells me version 6.3.9600.17238 is the latest version.


      So I go to Intel's site and I redownload Intel(R)_USB_3.0_eXtensible_Host_Controller_Driver because perhaps if Windows won't update it then I can get it to do so externally, but when I run the setup this one tells me that my PC does not meet minimum requirements, and when I point windows update to the directory in question it tells me I already have the up to date version installed.


      My PC is an Intel Core i7-3770K Cpu @3.50GHz, 16GB 1880 ram and my motherboard is an Asus P8Z77-V LX, running Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit.


      I am a typical broke musician and it took me almost a year to scrounge up enough money to buy this system, and this problem is actually stopping me from being able to record and mix at this point because on multiple occasions mid mixing session I have had it hang and shut me out.


      Anyone got any suggestions on how to make this problem stop?

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          You do not need to install a driver for USB 3.0 in Windows* 8.1 as it comes preinstalled with the operating system. Instead, you may want to reset your BIOS settings back to default (remember you will need to reconfigure some settings afterwards) and check BIOS update release notes from ASUS if available for a possible fix.

          You may need to consider the chances of hardware issue as well if the steps above are exhausted and different ports and devices were tested.