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    i7-5820k Thermal Solution by Intel




      I found a good deal over a i7-5820k and I got it, alongside an Asus X99A-3.1 USB motherboard and 16gb Gkill Rams at 2133hz. 


      Its well known that this is a processor ideal for gamers, which I'm not, meaning also that it comes without stock cooler. Basically my question here is about the possible thermal solution for this processor.


      Again, I'm not overclocking or changing the default multipliers or parameters for this processor in any way. Not interested in that stuff for a really small % of improvement. Therefor, my idea was to get my hands into a BXTS13A Cooling Fan by Intel. This would the basic Stock cooler for the LGA2011 v3 socket and I was mainly wondering about the performance of this cooler in a regular NON-O.C. situation.


      I'm not going to O.C. as I said, but will do some heavy render work with audio and possibly video apps, but mainly audio, so its very possible that I could demand some nice amount of power from the i7 during its lifespan, yet nothing so demanding as gaming (I believe).


      Many people buys third party coolers, even more goes for liquid cooling solutions. Intel also has its own BXTS13X Liquid Cooler for LGA2011 v3, yet I'm still a bit against adding potential failing elements to the mix such as a mechanical pump or leaks that could ruin the hardware, that's why I wanted to go for the regular fan option. Also the third party fan coolers I found mostly everywhere are ridiculously big and some of them even more complicated to install than they look, being also extremely loud having bad quality, big or an excessive amount of cooling fans. Of course performance is much better, but again, its not my ultimate goal to run the processor at -10 C.


      I wanted to be absolutely sure that the BXTS13A Cooling Fan will be a more than enough solution comparable to any regular processor with fan included such as an i5-4570 to mention one. My hesitation comes from the fact that this processor has a really big TDP compared to other regular desktop processors, so I wanted to be sure if this Stock Intel cooler will be enough under normal use without O.C. and I will not have also the cooler running at Max Speed every 5 minutes.


      That's it!



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          Hi nexus01,


          According to your message, the air cooling is the best option; it is not necessary the liquid cooling solution.


          The proper fan for the Intel® Core™ i7-5820k, requires a TDP up to 150W, in this case only the BXTS13A complies with this requirement.

          Cpu fans for LGA1150, LGA1155 and similar provides with a maximum TDP of 95W and lower.


          Mike C

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            I do not recommend you use a Intel-branded air cooling. Had personal negative experiences: Intel cooler was awful on my i7-3960X, it was always above 2000 RPM (louder, that GFX card most of times) and even a TurboBoost activation rises temperature up to 80C. And all changes from BXRTS2011AC to new BXTS13A are 10 mm higher heatsink and even slower (2000RPM max instead of 3000) 80mm fan.


            Consider something like Noctua NH-C14S.