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    Charging LiFePO4 with the Intel Edison Mini Breakout Board?




      I would like to power my Intel Edison with a LiFePO4 (including the A123 lithium nanophosphate® variety) cell or eventually multicell battery. According to Battery University http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/types_of_lithium_ion these lithium chemistries have certain advantages. However, they require different charge settings. Although this issue was briefly touched upon here Re: Battery Pack w Galileo and here Re: Solar Powered Edison concept - power considerations  I want to clarify it one more time.


      Am I right that due to the design of the TI BQ24074  BQ24074 | Battery Charger IC | Battery Management Products | Description & parametrics on the mini breakout board http://download.intel.com/support/edison/sb/mini_edison_breakout_hvm_8_26.pdf this is not possible and would require any of these BQ24074 | Battery Charger IC | Battery Management Products | Compare chips?


      Perhaps more advanced users and/or Intel could help?