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    "How to" Assembler Debugging Intel Galileo




      i´m trying to use the Galileo Board for some small educational assaembler programs.

      The students should wirte there code on an Windows PC and then load it to the Galileo Board, where it will be executed.

      During the execution the student should be able to check the values of the registers via the PC and executed there programm step by step.

      This is my first "project" in this field and really dont have any idea how to do it. I´m missing the idea of how to connect to the galileo board and look inside the CPU registers.

      I have already checked some other threads like those listed below, but it didn´t help very much.



      Why Assembler - Visual MASM - The MASM IDE for Microsoft Macro Assembler


      Does anyone know a solid "How To"-Guid that deals with this?