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    DP55WG - R9 285 video card problem - Bios won't POST




      My PC :


      I7 870

      2x2 gig 1333 DDR3

      Gigabyte AMD R9 285 2 GB


      The PC works well with my old GTS 450. The R9 285 works well in my AMD PC (Phenom 2 X4 955).


      BUT :

      I can't pass the post of the BIOS with the R9 in the DP55WG. The post code message is (Eb (or E6?))


      I've tried many things that I found in this community :

      - Bios of the mainboard is up to date

      - BIos of the R9 is up to date

      - Tried different mem sticks

      - Didn't forget the power (2x) of the card

      - Tried to add the auxiliairy power at the botom of the card (SATA style connector)

      - Tried many clear CMOS bios..


      It's kind of frustrating because I tried many things and I have to unslot the card each time I have to flash the bios or things like that...


      Any Idea?


      Thanks for your help!