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    ESXi 5.1 could not see storage of Intel Server R2304LH2HKC.


      Dear Intel Support.


      I just got Inter Server R2304LH2HKC few days ago.  Please see invoice in the attachment file. (bill.jpg)


      I can use VMware ESX 5.1 and 5.5. in this server by install VMware on the USB. Both ESX version

      can boot properly.  But it could not see the storage of the server.  Even I try to use both of raid version

      Intel ESRT2 (LSI)’ and ‘Intel RSTe’.


      Please see Raid screen below.


      - Raid configuration on Bios.



      - Raid of the ‘Intel RSTe’.



      - Raid of the ‘Intel ESRT2 (LSI)’.



      Usually when I buy server from Dell or IBM.  If this problems occur.  They will let me download the

      software installation of ESX version (ISO file) which support the storage.


      If you don’t have solution like the IBM or Dell.  Could you let me know how to solve this problems ???

      How do I add the storage raid driver in ESX ???  I don’t know name of the chipset of this RAID because
      it’s raid onboard.


      Please accept my extreme thanks in advanced for your kindness.


      *** I already call Intel support at telephone number 0018006310003.  Mr.Sumatha he said that this is software it can not support ESX 5.1.  Ohhhhh this is hardware raid surely because it press (ctrl+i) or (ctrl+e), this is characteristic of hardware raid.  Moreover it’s only hardware raid support HotSwap.  The software raid must install OS first then install the driver.  I don’t know why he say like that.  He make me upset too much.


      *** Please look at specification of your Intel server in the attachment file 's4600lh.pdf' on page number 4.  It’s hardware raid because it support HotSwap.



      I believe in Intel.  Please don't leave me alone.  Thank you.