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    HC-05 + edison



      I have to send data from multiple HC-05 Bluetooth module, SPP Profile, to intel edison. I checked in the latest release of Intel Edison Bluetooth guide that edison does support SPP profile but the example I found were for Android or Linux computer. I wanted to know can we connect multiple HC-05 module to intel edison so that edison can get data from all of them?


      Also I have been trying to setup a communication between HC-05 and Edison Bluetooth, I am able to pair the devices but when i try to connect them it shows error Failed to connect: org.bluez.Error.NotAvailable

      or Failed to connect: org.bluez.Error.Failed.


      # rfkill unblock bluetooth

      # bluetoothctl

      # discoverable on

      # scan on

      # pair 20:13:08:30:02:56

      # trust 20:13:08:30:02:56

      # connect 20:13:08:30:02:56

      after this it shows the error