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    How do I get support?


      Oct 1, 2015

      --- My intel CPU needs replaced and It's still under warranty.


      US (Intel Customer Support) has been down over a day with a 500 error.  This was my fault for using a browser that doesn't play animations in webpages.


      I did manage to get past that by going through the English EU site and opened a ticket. I got the automated response and nothing since.


      This is the worst support I've encountered for hardware. Most companies handle RMA requests in a matter of a few minutes to a few hours, not days, in order to minimize downtime of end users PC's.


      Oct 2, 2015

      ---- Update, I did finally get a response consisting mostly of questions already answered in the original ticket. /facepalm Now it's the weekend and I can add at least an extra 3 days of downtime courtesy of Intel support


      Oct 11, 2015

      --- Update: On Oct 5, 2015 The agent replied "As an exception, I can replace your processor this time" after 3 days of "troubleshooting" steps that I said in my initial ticket I had already done. Apparently I need to read the warranty closer as honoring it is not normal, it is only done "As an Exception" and does not imply they will honor it again.


      So I sent them the CPU and the tracking information says they received it on OCT 8, 2015 but apparently they never confirm they've received anything from a customer until they've shipped out a replacement. This is supposed to happen within 5-7 business days after receiving said product so hopefully I'll receive some more information next week.

      Oct 14, 2105

      Update -- Well, 2 weeks later I finally got a new CPU. This one is made in Korea instead of Malaysia. At least they were kind enough to send it 2nd day, the same shipping I used to send them the bad one. I figured Intel would have superior support being such a large company. This whole thing took double the time of other much smaller companies