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    Intel Edison Libraries for CadSoft EAGLE PCB


      Hello Intel & Edison Enthusiasts,


      Intel has done an outstanding job making schematics and software available to makers (Intel® Edison Boards Hardware Support)


      I realize that there are many PCB design programs on the market and Cadence Soft's Allegro (Cadence Allegro PCB Designer ) is probably the number one choice for Intel and many other global leaders. However, makers generally don't have budget for Allegro. Many use Eagle Cadsoft's EAGLE PCB (CadSoft EAGLE PCB Design Software|Support, Shop, Tutorials), especially the free version. Many manufactureres electronics suppliers also provide free libraries for EAGLE.


      The board file provided by Intel was (unsurprisingly) desiged in Allegro: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/24514/eng/H49904_002_R02.brd.zip and thus cannot be opened in EAGLE.


      Is there any chance that the Intel engineers could port the file into a EAGLE compatible version?


      Many thanks on behalf on the many EAGLE users out there...