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    Single Channel performance bug on games?


      I have tested at least two laptop (Asus G751JM and Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 14) both with dedicated graphics (GTX 860m and GT 840m) and the problem is if the computer is only running in single channel memory mode (1 RAM) the performance (Frames Per Second) on games is poor. In Dota 2 for example even if I turn down all the graphical setting to lowest and put resolution  to lowest (like 1366x768) the FPS still drops to 40FPS and for some reason if I enabled VSYNC the FPS gets even worse (it would only max at 50FPS)

      I make sure to verify that the game is running on NVIDIA card.

      When I make my Asus G751JM run in Dual Channel Memory (2 RAM) the FPS is solid 60 without any dips even at maximum graphical settings.

      The problem is my Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 14 only has 1 RAM slot so it is not possible to run it in Dual Channel Memory.

      Is this an Intel driver bug?