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    Intel HD 4000 graphics card on laptop with nVidia GeForce 660M GTX: how to setup an external 4k display?


      I have a Clevo W370ET that comes with a GeForce660M GTX display card. I updated the latest nvidea drivers, I installed the samsung drivers for the monitor, I am using a high speed HDMI cable. However, i don't get the option to choose a resolution higher than 1920*1080 on the UHD screen.


      I now believe this is connected with the nVidia Optimus technology. All i want is to have the 4k resolution in my second screen but it seems that it is the Intel HD graphics card that is working. Apparently, only when running intensive 3D applications does the nVidia card kicks in. How can i disable this and run always everything from the 660M? For now i'd just like to be able to navigate through Windows with my second screen in 4k resolution...


      btw, i tried disabling the Intel graphics card in Device Manager but it didn't help. If I do so, the system only recognizes one screen..


      It seems to be that there should be a way such that the Intel HD 4000 integrated card could use the GeForce 660M to render the desired 4k?